I listened to five seconds of this and just immediately fell in love with it... Edward Rushton's piano playing is beautiful... It's actually some of the finest Debussy playing I've heard... [this album is] a constant joy.
Steven Osborne, BBC Radio 3 Record Review, March 2023

Simon Wallfisch and Edward Rushton prove eloquent, expert guides. Rushton, who provides his own clear and effective translations of the texts in the booklet, offers superb support: discreet, subtle and beautifully shaded.
Gramophone, July 2020

excellent: Edward Rushton
Martin Blaumeiser,, 2. 5. 2019

With the help of superbly sensitive, evocative and magically detailed piano accompaniments from Edward Rushton, Wallfisch, ever alive to the nuances of the German and Czech texts, triumphantly succeeds.
Europadisc, July 2018

Er entpuppte sich als souveräner Begleiter, der mit Gefühl für dramatische Steigerungen und einem unerhörten Klangsinn der Aufführung seinen Stempel aufdrückte.
Verena Naegele, Schweizer Musikzeitung, June 2018

Dass man als "Orchester" mit dem fabelhaften jungen englischen Pianisten Edward Rushton vorlieb nehmen musste, brachte interessante neue Einsichten.
Sieglinde Pfabigan, Der neue Merker, May 2018

Rushton matches his [Simon Wallfisch] verbal dexterity with colourful, insightful playing.
Tim Ashley, Gramophone, March 2017

Edward Rushton is yet another splendid British collaborative pianist who accompanies beautifully and handles the considerable demands of the Caplet piano parts, and all the other busy piano writing here, with sensitivity and aplomb.
Fanfare, 2016

English composer and pianist Edward Rushton is the ideal partner [to Harry White], subtle and imaginative. It is often his perceptive shaping of the accompaniment that makes one aware of the composer's identitly.
Ronald E. Grames, Fanfare, November / December 2016

Rushton was a perfect accompanist to all three of them [Stephanie Pfeffer, Rupert Charlesworth und Jonathan Sells], his musical gesture precise, almost scenic.
Felix Michel, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 8.xi.2014
The pianist captivated us with his elegant playing. Rushton, continuing the tradition of composers who are also active as piano accompanists, drew an abundance of colours from the wide-open grand, colours which shone out, only to change again straight away.
Thomas Baltensweiler, Neue Zürcher Zeitung,

Edward Rushton's piano playing was an event in itself. He has an unbelievably broad palette of ideas, colours and shaping possibilities, yet he always uses them in a precise and focussed way. And his inner involvement with the singing, unparalled in its precision, let us expereience the flow of the music in a way which was simply magical. 
Alfred Zimmerlin, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 9.ix.2005

Edward Rushton is an ideal accompanist: his playing virtuosic, rich in colour and sublime – sovereign and yet never forcing itself into the limelight.
Markus Kettner, Rondo Magazine, 12.i.2003

In the young pianist Edward Rushton, Harry White has found a partner of flawless precision and wide-awake sensitivity. Rushton stays constantly present through his clever discretion, he allows the sax the lion's share of the melody, but at the same time he delivers true in every detail the unstoppable harmonic context in which it can blossom. Fantastic duo playing!
Nikolaus Cybinski, Badische Zeitung, 23.x.2002

[Jeannine Hirzel] received pianistic support of virtually breathtaking intensity from the young Englishman Edward Rushton... it will surely pay to keep an eye on this man.
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 23.v.2000

And for that it needs above all a pianist like Edward Rushton, a perfectionist at the piano, one who enjoys taking risks and has outstanding mental precision, to say nothing of his tremendous technique.
Westfälische Nachrichten, 9.xii.1999