Operas and music-theatre

Apartment (2017)

Libretti von Renata Burckhardt, Annalisa Hartmann, Rolf Hermann, Simona Ryser und Dagny Gioulami
Ein Musiktheater für zwei Sängerinnen, Akkordeon und Bassklarinette
Spieldauer: 80 Minuten
UA: Theater Stok, Zürich, 21. April 2017

David (2014)
Libretto von Giovanni Netzer
UA: Müstair, Schweiz, Juni 2014

Babur in London (2011)
Libretto by Jeet Thayil
Chamber opera for 5 singers and 5 instrumentalists
Commissioned by The Opera Group for first performances in Switzerland, the UK and India, March-December 2011
Duration: 70 minutes
The Opera Group: Babur in London

Im Schatten des Maulbeerbaums (2007)
Libretto by Dagny Gioulami
Opera in seven scenes for children (and adults)
Cast of 7 singers, orchestra of 21 players
Commissioned by the Opernhaus Zürich for first performance 27.i.2008
Duration: 80 minutes


The Shops (2006-7)
Libretto by Dagny Gioulami
Chamber Opera for 6 singers and 10 instruments
Commissioned by The Opera Group and the Bregenzer Festspiele for first performance 22.vii.2007
Duration (with interval): 90 minutes
CD available on NMC
"It’s a miniature masterpiece, holding a mirror up to its audiences just as Mozart did in Figaro, and pouring distinctly good-humoured, comic and indeed charming scorn upon our materialistic ways. Given that such ways might soon lead to the planet’s demise, The Shops, modest and innocuous though it might seem, makes a rather important statement." (Stephen Pettitt, The Spectator)

Harley (2003-4, revised 2006)
Libretto by Dagny Gioulami
8 singers and orchestra
Commissioned by the Opernhaus Zürich
First performance (original version): 20.xi.2005 at the Opernhaus Zürich
Duration: Act 1: 55 mins, Act 2: 55 mins
First performance of revised version: Staatsoper Kassel, 23.vii.2007


Die fromme Helene (2006) 
Libretto by Dagny Gioulami
A Wilhelm-Busch-Inhalation in 17 Drags for 8 singers and 15 instruments
Commissioned by the Staatsoper Hannover for first performance on 11.ii.2007 in the ballhof eins, Hannover
Duration: 65 minutes


Philoctetes (2004)
Libretto by Dagny Gioulami
5 singers and ensemble
Duration: 45 mins
Commissioned by the Opera Group for first performance at the Cheltenham Festival, 2004

Leinen aus Smyrna (2001)
Libretto by Dagny Gioulami
5 singers and ensemble
Written for and joint-winner of the competition teatro minimo at the Opernhaus Zürich and the Bayerische Staatsoper, Munich
First performance: Theater an der Sihl, Zurich, 30.vi.2001, by members of the Opernhaus Zürich
Duration: 30 mins
Also English version, first performance: 17.vii.2004, Cheltenham Festival by The Opera Group as part of Birds. Barks. Bones. Trojan Trilogy

The Young Man with the Carnation (2000-2002)
Libretto by Tom Smith, based on the short story by Karen Blixen [Isak Dinesen]
3 singers and small ensemble
Duration: 45 mins
First performance: Almeida Theatre King's Cross, London, 29.vi.2001, by The Opera Group