Next concerts:

Tuesday 18th May at 7.30 pm
Alter Stadthaussaal, Marktgasse 53 8400 Winterthur
Friday 28th May at 7.30 pm
Lavatersaal, St.-Peter-Hofstatt 6 8001 Zürich
Leben in den Wäldern
Anna Gschwend, soprano
Edward Rushton, piano
Rachel Eisenhut, idea and concept
Songs by Charles Ives, Aaron Copland, Paul Bowles and Edward Rushton (world premiere)
Texts by Henry David Thoreau

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Sunday 13th June at 8 pm
Kunstmuseum Winterthur Beim Stadthaus Museumsstrasse 52 8400 Winterthur
Tuesday 22nd June at 5 pm
Vortragssaal Kunsthaus Zürich Heimplatz 1 8001 Zürich

Der Augenblick der Befreiung [The Moment of Liberation]
A collage with Musik by Arnold Schönberg, peotry and prose by Else Lasker-Schüler and texts about love and freedom
Adrian Furrer: speaker
Leila Pfister: mezzosoprano/recitation
Edward Rushton: piano
Dimitri Vecchi, flute; Armon Stecher, clarinet; Rahel Cunz, violin; David Schnee, viola; Anikó Illényi, cello
Concept and dramaturgy: Rachel Eisenhut