Pandora, Organic Machine (2011)
"Melodram" für Sprecher/in, Tänzerin ad lib. und Quartett (Violine, Altsaxophon, Trompete, Klavier)
Text von Dagny Gioulami
Auftragswerk von Counterpoise für UA am Cheltenham Festival, 9.vii.2011
Dauer: ca. 30 Minuten

On the Edge (2008)
"Melodram" für Sprecher/in, Video und Quartett
Konzept und Textfassung von Dagny Gioulami
Videos von Syl Betulius.
Texte von Sir Arnold Lunn, Werner Munter und Anon (Sschweizer Volksmärchen)
Instrumente: Klavier, Violine, Trompete und Altsaxophon
Auftragswerk von Counterpoise
UA: 2008 in Nottingham (25. April), Newbury (15. Mai), London (10. Juli), Buxton (24. Juli), Oxford (22. November), Cambridge (23. November), Bristol (25. November), York (21. Janunar 2009), St Andrews (18. Februar 2009).
Dauer: 40 Minuten
"weird and wonderful" - Michael Church, Independent, 18.vii.2008
"Rushton's score struck sparks off words and pictures, making the most of the unlikely instrumental combinations. No mere accompaniment, it became an evocative drama in its own right. Any such juxtaposition runs the risk of one element, probably the visual, dominating the others. Here the balance seemed spot on." - Nick Kimberly, Evening Standard, 11.vii.2008
"On the Edge seemed less a revival of an all-but-extinct musical form than a tribute to an all-but-extinct breed of Englishman." - Anna Picard, Independent on Sunday, 20.vii.2008